16 Lessons From 2016

Oh Wow!

What a year! From the highest of highs to those yucky lows, it’s been a year of many lessons. Some were baby reminders and some were life changing but ultimately it’s grown you into the person you are and who you’re choosing to be in 2017. Travel back in time with me and I’ll show you 16 lessons that I’ve learned in 2016.

1.You don’t have to wait until the new year to restart your life.

When you’re inspired to make a change, whether it’s what you wear, what  you eat, where you go…etc, you don’t need to wait until New Years to pursue it. You don’t even need to wait until the following week. Start today! Start now!

2. Remember your friends birthdays. 

Every one of your friends deserves to be honored on their birthday! It’s a special day! Without that day, your awesome friend wouldn’t exist. So celebrate their presence and let them know how much they mean to you!

3. Lavender lattes are the best lattes.

Seriously…it’s a floral explosion in your mouth and the touch of caffeine isn’t all bad either 😉

4. Singing is scientifically good for you. 

Yes it is! One, when singing in a group, it naturally leads us to think of others, bringing us “outside ourselves.” Two, it releases Oxycontin AKA the trusting chemical. It’s amazing! Read more here.

5. Jimmy Fallon can make any day better.

It’s official! I’m addicted to The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon! No matter if I’m having a good day or a bad day, this show makes me laugh!

6. Having to do a fifth year in college is hard.

I don’t know how others feel but staying in college for a fifth year can be a drag. More so because I want to start my career and a lot of my friends have graduated. But I also have great friends who are roughing it out with me and are making my last days in college worthwhile!

7. Wear what makes you happy.

Last year I bought myself a teddy bear coat for the winter and I absolutely LOVE IT! It’s warm and crazy soft but you can imagine the reactions I got/still get from people. From “Here comes the diva” to “Wow that’s soft!” to “You look like a lamb,” it’s insane. I’ve learned this year that that’s what fashion is all about. It’s a visual statement that expresses bits and pieces of you. So if it makes you happy, wear it!

8. Never cook oil on high heat and if you do, have a pot lid nearby. 

Let’s just say I almost burnt my house down cooking oil on high heat. It turns into a fire and if you panic you’re capable of making bad decisions (DON’T THROW WATER ON IT). I didn’t…but I almost did.

9. Meetings shouldn’t be longer than 30 minutes.

People can lose their attention span after 10 minutes. So why do we have meetings that last hours? 30 minute meetings can be just as productive as hour long meetings if chaired correctly. Let’s strive to have shorter meetings shall we?

10. The values we learn as children apply more to adults than they do to kids. 

As kids we learn about respect, integrity, honesty and all those beautiful values that make an outstanding human being. Those values still apply as an adult. Yes we have more freedoms but we also have more responsibility. This past election shed light on some adults without values and let me tell you, as a future teacher, I’m the one who’s going to have to remind our kids that we should hold true to our values no matter the examples we see in the world. If we’re expecting our children to respect other children, than we as adults should respect other adults no matter any difference. Period.

11. Latina women are beautiful.

Sometimes I don’t think Latina women get the recognition they deserve. My Latina ladies, you are BEAUTIFUL!

12. Not all vegans are weird.

Vegans are sometimes stereotyped as hippies and tree huggers who don’t shower and talk to animals. Even if there are vegans like that, there’s nothing wrong with it. But no. There are more and more everyday people who have decided to make a lifestyle decision and believe it or not, they’re not going to make you feel bad about eating meat. They just want to do what makes them feel healthiest. That’s all.

13. Worship service is a reaction, not your entertainment. 

We sing because we’re happy. We sing because we’re sad. Song service isn’t for your entertainment and critiques. It’s a reaction to God’s amazing, indescribable, awesome glory and a chance to actively participate along with your fellow church members. God isn’t judging the set list or your pitch, He’s just happy to be with you.

14. Online shopping is dangerously addicting. 

Dear Amazon Prime and free two-day shipping, here’s my money. 🙂

15. Positive Pals bring daily happiness.

There are more than enough negative people in the world but don’t forget that there are positive people out there too. Keep those positive pals close and surround yourself with happiness.

16. Invite God to the wedding and He’ll want to stay for the marriage. 

Inviting God to be a part of the wedding makes your special day so much more than just veils and cake. It’s a renewal and fresh beginning and a divine start to your marriage. You can read more about this in Inviting God to Your Wedding: and Keeping God in Your Marriage by Martha Williamson.

What have you learned this year? I hope you have a celebratory New Year’s and I hope your pursue your resolutions, no matter what time of year you decide to pursue it!

Happy New Year’s!



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