9 Reasons Why I Love Being Latina

1.Vitamin T: Tortas, Tacos, Tortillas

You have to admit, Hispanic food no matter the origin country, is some of the most flavorful and satisfying foods out there! And no, Taco Bell is not ours.

2. “These aren’t spirit fingers, THESE are spirit fingers”

If we know how to do anything, it’s how to celebrate! Quinceñeras, cumpleaños, you name it. Get the pot of coffee ready because the party goes on until the next morning.

3. The Art of Spanglish

El lonche (lunch), Googlear (Google it), parkear (to park), el parree (party). You can’t blame us for being smart and juggling two languages. #bilingualstruggles

4. We’re Bombshells

All our body shapes are astonishingly gorgeous! There’s no definite shape, height, or size but it doesn’t matter. They’re all absolutely beautiful. We embrace our curves!

5. Familia, Enough Said.

Nothing gets in the way between us and our families. Everyone is a tio/tia, primo/prima, or abuelo/abuela. Oh and don’t be surprised if our families know everything about you before you meet them.

6. We’re not dramatic, we’re passionate!

Whether we’re dancing, cooking, fighting, or loving, you better believe we add a little bit of passion to it all. Why do you think we have so much fun all the time?

7. #AuthenticTravelers

A lot of us have families back in our home countries. More reason for us to travel back and experience the rich and authentic culture of our second homes.

8. We save the big bucks

Growing up, our parents never let us go out to fast food restaurants because we had food at home. Chipotle? Nope. We have arroz y frijoles at home. And don’t get us started on our tendency to negotiate everything. Why pay original price?

9. La Música

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, La Vida Es Un Carnaval, Heroe and more! There are so many more and they all make you want to move those hips. Salsa, bamba, cumbia…the list is endless. It’s passionate and fiery, romantic and climactic, and ultimately moving and consuming.

It’s pretty awesome being Latina. No matter the country, latinas are contributing to the well being of this world. I’m loud and I’m proud 🙂



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