5 Ways to Prepare for the School Year

Towards the end of the summer, my heart is at a crossfire between a want for work and routine and the end of a relaxing season. School has that effect on us. It was a sunny, exciting and restful break but the reality is that school starts soon. It’s time to get ready yet I’m fearful of my tendency to lose motivation with each passing class. Here are five tips to prevent your motivation slump and get you ready for a new school year!



How does this help prepare for the school year? Think about this. First off, it’s likely that you use the same password for just about every account you have. Let’s change that! In this day and age where passwords are the only barriers between you and private information, it’s important to change it up and be safe. Second, change your passwords to a goal that you have for yourself such as GetFit16 or Staypositive. This way, each time you enter your password, it’s a small reminder of what you want to achieve. This is just little trick to help keep your motivation from tanking mid semester.  Thank you Sophia Amoruso for this tip!

P.S. If you haven’t read #Girlboss, you need to go read it now.


School is more than sitting in a classroom and cramming in the library. To prevent yourself from losing motivation, it’s important to keep balance with your mental, emotional, and physical self. Now you can exercise for a good cause and, guess what, you don’t have to take out your wallet! Charity Miles is an app that donates money to the charity of your choice for every mile you walk, bike or run. So whether you’re walking to the nearest coffee shop or biking your way to the next triathlon, you can do it and help others while you help yourself. What’s more motivating than that?


If you’re like me, you might tell yourself that you will remember that assignment or a meeting that came up last minute, but based on experience, forgetting about them can be very consequential. A planner is the simplest way of helping you remember your tasks and organize your life. There are thousands of layouts and designs that can fit your lifestyle and there is no need to drop a stack on a planner. Marshalls has great deals on planners and Amazon has endless options. Not a paper and pen type of person? You can organize yourself using apps such as Google Calendar if you prefer your phone or computer. You can also use the “Class Schedule” template on Microsoft Excel if you don’t want to put it together yourself. The point is, have something and somewhere consistent where you can jot down all the events, assignments, meetings and celebrations. It’ll save you from missing the important things in life.


One reason we lose motivation throughout the school year is because we stress ourselves out to the point in which it affects our mental strength. To prevent that this school year, practice gratitude. Research shows that gratitude increases mental strength and decreases stress. Buying thank you cards and giving them to those around you can help you stay positive and motivated to do more. Not to mention, Target sells 8 packs of thank you cards for $1! And they’re adorable! You can make the day of eight people just by writing them a little note. Whether it’s your favorite teacher, your buddy who took time to help you study, or the friend who bought you coffee during finals: remember to thank them.



One of the best parts of starting a new school year is getting new stuff. Well what happens to the old stuff? Sometimes that stuff ends up accumulating in your dorm room and before you know it you have a junk pile that goes untouched for a whole school year. Spring cleaning gives you the fresh start you need. It doesn’t only need to be academic junk, it means anything and everything you don’t use anymore. Throw away old notes, donate the clothes that’s collected dust, and for the love of all throw away your old nail polish! This is your year to start new. It may be difficult letting go of some stuff, but trust me there’s better out there.

How do you prepare for the school year? Let me know in the comment box below!

Good luck with the new school year and congrats to those who are graduating!




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